Configuring PPM with a Load Balancer

If you have a load balancer that receives https requests and connects to nodes through http requests, then, to enable the nodes to correctly perform redirects, you must edit the server.xsl file.

To edit the server.xsl file:

  1. Open the server.xsl file, which is located in the <PPM_Home>/conf/jboss directory.

  2. Edit the file content as follows:

    Example: <Connector ...>
    <!--- assuming users connect to the proxy via https -->
    <xsl:attribute name="scheme">https</xsl:attribute>
    <xsl:attribute name="proxyName">
    <!-- assuming users connect to the proxy over port 443 -->
    <xsl:attribute name="proxyPort">443</xsl:attribute>

Note: One of the attributes is named “scheme,” and not “proxyScheme.” The JBoss Connector listens for https or http based on the secure attribute. If you leave the secure attribute untouched, this configuration works well.

Keep in mind that this scenario assumes that PPM Server nodes receive no direct requests. All requests must come through the load balancer.