Post-Deployment Performance Monitoring

It is important to monitor the following for PPM

  • CPU usage

  • Memory usage, especially on PPM Servers

  • Input/output (network and disk)

Monitoring physical system resource metrics over time can provide you with a view of available system capacity.

To accurately estimate the capacity of the PPM Server node to support the necessary workload, monitor metrics for memory usage. As PPM workload characteristics change over time, it is important to monitor memory usage on the PPM Servers to determine when basic memory demand increases. As a full garbage collection activity approaches a threshold that might compromise application performance, modify the PPM Server configuration s to support the new demands.

Because every system is unique, it is important that you monitor and trend memory usage for your system. We recommend that you evaluate memory usage data collected over seven or more consecutive days. Periods of peak workload tend to have the highest memory demands on the heap.