Workload Considerations and Capacity Planning

To determine your present and future workload and system capacity needs, consider the following:

  • Existing and forecasted workload characteristics for at least a three-year time span

  • Distribution of transactions by type and over time

  • Different workload classes affect sizing

  • Session duration and characteristics differ significantly among classes

Make sure that you allow enough room in all areas of your PPM configuration for future growth. If possible, create a system that can meet the needs of your organization three years from now.

The memory capacity made available on the heap for a set of PPM application users can be controlled by increasing the:

  • Amount of memory allocated to the heap

  • Number of nodes in the server cluster that support user workload

Because of per-process memory allocation limits on most operating systems, there is a limit to which you can increase the size of the heap. The preferred way to grow PPM capacity on the application tier is to add nodes to a server cluster.