Step 1: Map the LDAP Attributes

You can map the attributes on the LDAP server to attributes used by the PPM Server. Some of this mapping occurs by default, but it can also be controlled using the procedure in this section.

To map LDAP attributes:

  1. Navigate to the following file:


    where <PPM_Home> represents the installation path for PPM.

  2. (Optionally) Refer to the Sample files for a sample showing mapping to a Red Hat Directory Server and an Active Directory Server. The default mapping is for a Red Hat Directory Server.

  3. Edit the file using the tool of your choice.

  4. Map the attribute according to your needs.

Caution: It is recommended that you verify the mappings for USERNAME, FIRST_NAME, and LAST_NAME before proceeding.

The LdapAttribute.conf file is described in the Installation and Administration Guide.