Step 3: Start the Import

To import data from the interface tables, the Run Workflow Transaction Interface report is used.

The Run Workflow Transaction Interface report:

  • Queries the interface table for active records matching the given selection criteria.

  • Derives all missing information in the interface table. For example, CREATED_BY is derived from CREATED_BY_USERNAME.

  • Validates all data in the interface table, according to the same rules used when entering or updating data through the standard interface. For example, the CREATED_BY_USERNAME must exist in PPM and must be enabled.

  • Performs the workflow transactions for all records that pass validation. This generates or updates records in the standard workflow tables, and this may update information in the standard package or request tables.

  • Schedules executions. For any object type or request type commands that need to be run, scheduled tasks are generated.

Note: For these types of executions, the interface table will not correctly reflect the final results. However, workflow step commands can be scheduled.

The report shows all transactions that were processed by the Workflow Transaction Open Interface report. If desired, successful transactions can be eliminated from the report, so that only errors are displayed.

To run the Run PPM Package Interface report:

  1. Log on to PPM.

  2. From the menu bar, select Open > Reports > Create Report.

    The Submit New Report page appears.

  3. Select Administrative from the Report Category.

    The page is updated showing the list of administrative reports.

  4. Select Run Workflow Transaction Interface.

    The Submit Report: Run Workflow Transaction Interface window appears.

  5. Complete the fields, as described in the following table.

    Required fields are denoted with a red asterisk next to the field on the screen. Depending on your selections, the required fields may vary.

    Field Name


    Group ID

    Specifies the group ID for which the interface program should be run. The interface program will only look for records with this value in the GROUP_ID column. This is useful when importing a batch of packages.

    Source Code

    Indicates whether or not to set the SOURCE_TYPE_CODE column of the final requests created with a free-form text code. This is used as an indicator of how the request was created for auditing or testing purposes.

    Run Import

    • If set to Yes. Indicates that the program will process the records in the interface table and try to import them.

    • If set to No. Indicates that the program will simply report on the records in the interface table. This option is useful when auditing prior executions of the interface.


    If set to Yes. Specifies that the program will reset the appropriate values for the records in the interface table, remove any previous errors, and rerun the interface for the records.

    To resubmit failed transactions, it is necessary to provide a Group ID and optionally a Source Code.

    Show Successful Transactions

    Indicates whether or not to show packages and package lines that were successfully imported.

  6. (Optional) To test the process, set the Run Import field to No.

  7. Click Submit.