Open Interface Data Models

This appendix describes all the data models used in the open interface. Each section details a single interface table and provides the following information:

  • Column. Provides the name of the column.

  • Usage. Indicates whether or not the data is used exclusively for input (I) or exclusively for output (O). Columns specified as both (I/O) allow for input or provide (output) data if a value is not provided.

  • Data Type. Specifies the data type of the column.

  • Description. Provides a description of the data and related information, dependencies, and any pertinent tips.

Caution: You should only provide data for columns specified with input (I) or input and output (I/O) usage. Unexpected results may occur if you provide data for columns that are to be used exclusively for output (O).

This appendix describes the INSERT_ROW parameters used with the KWFL_TXN_INT package, that are used only with the Workflow Transaction Open Interface.