The RML schema

The RML is a schema in the PPM Oracle database that has privileges to view tables in the database schema. The RML:

  • Resides in a separate layer from the standard PPM database schema

  • Has read-only access to PPM data, so that third-party reporting tools using RML capabilities cannot alter or corrupt the PPM database

To prevent a third-party report from exposing information to people who lack the proper authorization, security views (which can be referenced by any other view) are included in the Reporting Meta Layer.

RML database views, which are created through templates, read and interpret data from the PPM database. Views are created through compilation, in which a view template is read, custom information to be included is calculated, and the final view that resides in the Reporting Meta Layer is generated.

The RML stays up-to-date with the current state of Demand Management and Deployment Management data through synchronization.

During the synchronization procedure, each RML view template is parsed and used as a basis for generating an updated view or set of views in the RML schema. View templates dictate the view's construction. User-specified options control which views are compiled during synchronization.

Note: It is not recommended to change or delete RML view templates.