Provides information on the details of object deployments to environments. MPKG_DEPLOYMENT_DETAILS has a record for each deployment.

This view is based on object deployment history stored in the environment contents tables. As a result, it includes accurate records for deployments even when the destination environment specified on the migration workflow step was overridden during object type command processing.


The following example reports on all objects deployed to the MFG Prod environment in the last day:

SELECT package_number  package,
       line_number     line,  
       object_type     object,
       object_name     name,
       object_revision version
FROM   mpkg_deployment_details
WHERE  destination_environment = 'MFG Prod'
AND    deployment_date > sysdate - 1;


package  line object             name               version
-------- ---- ------------------ ------------------ -------
30023       3 Migrate SQL file   add_user.sql       3.12
30023       5 Migrate SQL file   create_links.sql   8
30121       1 File Migration      2.7
30122       1 FIle Migration      2.9