MPKG_UD_<Context Value>

Set of views containing context-sensitive package user data information.

When the Reporting Meta Layer is synchronized, a view is created for every set of context-sensitive package user data fields defined in the system. The name of each view is defined in the User Data window in the Meta Layer View field. It defaults to a prefix MPKG_UD_ and a suffix that defaults to the first 20 alphanumeric characters of the corresponding context value.

For example, if there are two sets of context-sensitive package user data defined in PPM, with a Workflow context field and context values FIN dev -> prod and MFG dev -> prod, then two corresponding Meta Layer views would exist: MPKG_UD_FIN_DEV_PROD and MPKG_UD_MFG_DEV_PROD.

If no context-sensitive package user data has been defined in the User Data window, then no views of this type will exist in the Meta Layer. Global package user data fields are incorporated directly into the package view MPKG_PACKAGES and therefore do not require a separate unique view.

If context-sensitive package user data has been defined, only new packages with this user data and existing packages that have been edited will appear in the views.

Sample 1

Continuing the example, there are two package user data fields defined for the FIN dev -> prod workflow context, with tokens named VERSION_CTL_PROJECT and VERSION_CTL_ENV.

In the corresponding view MPKG_UD_FIN_DEV_PROD, two columns named the same as the token names would be present:

SQL> desc mpkg_ud_fin_dev_prod;

Results 1

Name                            Null?    Type
------------------------------- -------- ----
PACKAGE_TYPE                    NOT NULL VARCHAR2(80)
CONTEXT_FIELD                            VARCHAR2(80)
CONTEXT_VALUE                            VARCHAR2(200)
CONTEXT_CODE                             VARCHAR2(200)
VERSION_CTL_PROJECT                      VARCHAR2(200)
VERSION_CTL_ENV                          VARCHAR2(200)
PACKAGE_ID                      NOT NULL NUMBER

Sample 2

A report is needed that shows the number of open packages that are being processed through the FIN dev -> prod workflow, broken down by VERSION_CTL_PROJECT and priority:

SELECT f.version_ctl_project PROJECT,
       p.priority PRIORITY,
FROM   mpkg_ud_fin_dev_prod f,
       mpkg_packages p
WHERE  p.close_date IS NULL
AND    p.cancel_date IS NULL
AND    p.submission_date IS NOT NULL
AND    p.package_id = f.package_id
GROUP BY f.version_ctl_project, p.priority
ORDER BY 1, 2;

Results 2

PROJECT                           PRIORITY        NUM_OPEN_PKGS
--------------------------------- --------------- -------------
Rel 3.0                           High                        2 
                                  Normal                     12
                                  Low                        32
Rel 2.1.2                         Critical                    1
                                  High                        1
                                  Normal                      8
                                  Low                         3
Rel 2.1                           Low                        23