Summary information for package deployment activity, broken down by application, environment, and calendar day for MPKGL_APP_DEPLOYMENT_D and month for MPKGL_APP_DEPLOYMENT_M.

This information can be used to quickly assess regular package throughput for each application managed by the IT department, and can help indicate trends in package processing over time for a specified application. An application corresponds to an app code designated in environment definitions.

Besides just the number or packages which were deployed on a given day or month, these views also contain columns to show the number of packages and package lines that were involved in listed deployments, and the number of different object types that were used.

Results from a query of one of these views contain records only for days or months on which deployments occurred for each application.


The following SQL query can be used as a basis for a report that summarizes all package deployment activity, per day, for a specified application, over a range of dates:

SELECT app_code          Application,
       environment       Dest_Env,
       deployment_date   Date,
       total_deployments Total_Deployed,
       unique_obj_types  Num_Obj_Types
FROM   mpkgl_app_deployment_d
WHERE  deployment_date BETWEEN '01-APR-01' AND '05-APR-01'
AND    app_code = 'FINAPP02'
ORDER BY deployment_date;

To get a breakdown by month, replace deployment_date with deployment_month and mpkgl_app_deployment_d with mpkgl_app_deployment_m.


                                           Total     Obj
Application  Dest_Env         Date      Deployed   Types
------------ ---------------- --------- -------- -------
FINAPP02     FIN Test 1       01-APR-01       42       4
FINAPP02     FIN Test 2       01-APR-01       12       2
FINAPP02     FIN Prod         01-APR-01        2       1
FINAPP02     FIN Test 1       02-APR-01        3       1
FINAPP02     FIN Test 2       02-APR-01       55       3
FINAPP02     FIN Prod         02-APR-01       39       3
FINAPP02     FIN Test 1       03-APR-01       18       4
FINAPP02     FIN Test 2       03-APR-01       22       3
FINAPP02     FIN Prod         03-APR-01       11       2