The views MPKGL_OBJ_TYPE_DEPLOYMENT_D and MPKGL_OBJ_TYPE_DEPLOYMENT_M give summary information for package deployment activity, broken down by object type and calendar day or month.

These views can be used to:

  • assess regular package throughput for each object type used by the IT department

  • help indicate trends in package processing over time for a specified object type

  • show the number of packages and package lines that were involved in listed deployments, and the number of different environments to which they were deployed

Results from a query of one of these views contain records only for days or months on which deployments occurred for each object type.


The following SQL query can be used as a basis for a report that summarizes all package deployment activity, per month, for a specified object type, over a range of dates:

SELECT object_type         Object_Type,
       deployment_month    Month,
       total_deployments   Total_Deployed,
       unique_environments Num_Envs
FROM   mpkgl_obj_type_deployment_m
WHERE  deployment_month BETWEEN '01-MAR-01' AND '01-AUG-01'
AND    object_type = 'File Migration'
ORDER BY deployment_date;

To get a breakdown by day, replace deployment_month with deployment_day and mpkgl_obj_type_deployment_m with mpkgl_obj_type_deployment_d.


                              Total     Num
Object_Type      Date      Deployed    Envs
---------------- --------- -------- -------
File Migration   01-MAR-01      122      12
File Migration   01-APR-01      104      12
File Migration   01-MAY-01       87      15
File Migration   01-JUN-01      156      16
File Migration   01-JUL-01      263      22
File Migration   01-AUG-01      290      23