Used to view the references of releases in Deployment Management.

There are several types of references for releases. If a package is part of a release, then there will be a reference for that package. Similarly, if a request is part of a release, then there will be a reference for that request. Releases can be designated as children or parents of other releases through the use of references. References are also used to attach documents to a release.

The RELATIONSHIP column in MREL_REFERENCES describes the relationship of the referenced item to the release that references it. This view also has columns for each of the entities that can be referenced to a release: other releases, requests, packages, attachments, and URLs.

For each record in MREL_REFERENCES, only one of these columns will have a value and the others will be NULL.


To retrieve a list of all references to a particular release:

SELECT referenced_release_id REL,
       referenced_package_id PKG,
       referenced_request_id REQ,
       attachment_name       ATTACHMENT,
       document_url          URL,
       relationship          RELATIONSHIP
FROM   mrel_references
WHERE  release_name = 'FIN Apps Prod Release';


----- ----- ----- -------------------- -------------- ---------------------
30012                                                 Parent Release
42764                                                 Contained in this Release
42765                                                 Contained in this Release
42772                                                 Contained in this Release
42773                                                 Contained in this Release
42774                                                 Contained in this Release
42778                                                 Contained in this Release