Used to create a report that shows the volume of open requests for any given request type in Demand Management.

This report can be used to get information about ongoing request processing work. It shows a summary of requests currently open for a specific Demand Management request type (for example, total number or average age), and information showing how many requests have been opened and closed in the current week and current month.

MREQ_PENDING_REQUESTS is aggregated across all requests.

In addition to overall totals of open requests, this view breaks down the information by priority (using the Priority header field). This is done because priority is usually the most important breakdown of load information. Data is grouped into three priority groupings—P1, P2, and P3, which map to the three highest-priority levels defined.


A QA manager has three types of requests to handle, running through three separate processes. The manager needs a report that will show current work volume for each of these request types, to help prioritize work and identify bottlenecks.

If the three request types are named MFG bug report, FIN bug report, and APPS enhancement request, the following SQL query can be used as a basis for a report to display the desired information:

SELECT request_type          Request_Type,
       open_requests         Open_Reqs,
       avg_age_open_requests Avg Age,
       p1_open_requests      P1 Open Reqs,
       p2_open_requests      P2 Open Reqs
FROM   mreq_pending_requests
WHERE  process_name IN
       ('MFG bug report',
       'FIN bug report',
       'APPS enhancement request');


                                        P1    P2
                           Open  Avg  Open  Open
REQUEST_TYPE               Reqs  Age  Reqs  Reqs
------------------------- ----- ---- ----- -----
MFG bug report               98    3    21    77
FIN bug report               39    4    14    25
APPS enhancement request    140   12     8   132

This view ignores requests that have not been submitted.