Used to enforce request participant security in the data presented in reports.

A query of KCRT_PARTICIPANT_CHECK_V will return the requests in Demand Management in which a particular PPM user is a participant. This view can be joined into report queries to check whether the user running the report is a participant of requests that are enforcing participant-only viewing restriction.


Consider a report that is to return the description of open requests in Demand Management. To restrict reported information to only those requests in which the user running the report is a participant, so that it requires a valid username as an input field.

Note: The methodology and support for this type of report input will vary between reporting systems. Consult the documentation for the reporting system you are using for specific instructions.

Assuming the input username was available as REPORT_USER, you can include the following SQL fragment in the report query:

FROM   kcrt_participant_check_v kpc
WHERE  kpc.username = REPORT_USER
AND    kpc.request_id = ...

Including this fragment in the full SQL statement might look as follows:

SELECT r.request_id,
FROM   mreq_requests r,
       kcrt_participant_check_v kpc
WHERE  r.request_status not in ('Cancelled','Closed')
AND    kpc.username = 'fjohnson'
AND    kpc.request_id = r.request_id;

If a request type does not enforce request participant security, then all requests of this request type will be returned by KCRT_PARTICIPANT_CHECK_V as viewable.