Get started with the Reporting Meta Layer

The Reporting Meta Layer (RML) for Project and Portfolio Management Center (PPM) allows customers to use third-party reporting software to define custom reports. Any third-party reporting tool capable of running SQL queries on an Oracle® database can work with PPM reporting capabilities by:

  • Using the RML schema in the PPM database as its data source

  • Building reports using the standard capabilities of the PPM reporting system

Examples of third-party software being used with PPM include Actuate, Brio, Cognos, Crystal Reports, and Oracle Reports.

Target users of the RML are report designers and administrators responsible for creating business reports about Demand Management and
Deployment Management application usage. It is assumed that these users have a basic understanding of relational database concepts, Oracle technologies, and PPM applications. However, the RML makes it possible for these users to report on Demand Management and Deployment Management data without understanding the technical complexities of the underlying data model.