Environments / Objects Detail Report

This report lists objects that have been migrated into a given environment or set of environments. Use this report as an object inventory for newly-migrated objects.

This report uses an internal object inventory table for information on objects migrated to each environment. At the time of execution, the workflow engine uses the workflow definition to determine the environment an object is being migrated to and updates the object inventory table accordingly.

Caution: The workflow engine will not recognize any cases where the destination environment is overwritten in the object command while it is being migrated.

Tip: This report is also useful when used to create an object inventory for newly migrated objects.

To run the Environment / Objects Detail report, users must have a Deployment Management license.

Table 4-10. Environments / Objects Detail report field descriptions

Field Name (*Required)



Select an environment from the environments available on your PPM instance.

Object Type

Select an object type from the object types available on your PPM instance.

Migration Date From

Select the starting date. The report will include only migrations started on or after this date.

Migration Date To

Select the ending date. The report will include only migrations started on or before this date.

*Include Prior Migrations

Option to include objects that were migrated to the same environment more than once.