Object History Report

This report provides a workflow step transaction history for packages. Use this report to view:

  • All transactions matching the selection criteria

  • All executions for a given object type and/or a given date range

  • If the same object has been migrated or executed by multiple packages

For migration steps, this report uses the workflow definitions to determine when a step occurred and to which environment it was migrated. It looks at completed execution-type workflow steps and the attached destination environment to report the object's final destination environment.

Caution: This report will not recognize any cases where the destination environment is overwritten in the object command while it is being migrated.

To run the Object History report, users must have a Deployment Management license.

Table 4-11. Object History report field descriptions

Field Name (*Required)


Object Type

Select an object type from the object types available on your PPM instance.

Object Name

Specify an object name. Type any alphanumeric string (up to 40 characters in length).

Performed By

Select a user from the users on your PPM instance.

Transaction Date From

Select the starting date. The report will include only transactions started on or after this date.

Transaction Date To

Select the ending date. The report will include only transactions started on or before this date.

Dest. Environment

Select a destination environment. Use this option to view all the deployment management activity for a specific environment for those environments available on your PPM instance.

*Execute Steps Only

Option to show transactions for execution type workflow steps.

*Order By

Select the sort criteria. Choices include:

  • Transaction Date

  • Package Creation Date

  • Object Name