Package Impact Analysis Report

Use this report to analyze the impact of a given package based on the audit history stored in PPM. After listing summary information on the given package and package lines, the report lists three separate sections for analysis:

  • Other packages that contain common objects with a given package.

  • Objects that have migrated alongside one or more of the objects being migrated on the given package, but are not included in the given package.

    These objects might be affected by the current object changes (if these objects were once tied to the objects being changed in the same package, there is probably a relationship between the objects).

  • Recent migrations for each object in the package, showing where changes to the given objects have recently been deployed.

To run the Package Impact Analysis report, users must have a Deployment Management license.

Table 4-16. Package Impact Analysis report field descriptions

Field Name (*Required)



Select a package from the packages available on your PPM instance.

Ignore Pkgs Created Before

Select a date. The report will only include the package if it was created on or after this date.

*Show Details

Option to list all the specific common objects between the queried packages and the given package.