Project Cost Breakdown Report

This report shows the costs for a project, and the activities with which the costs are associated. Totals include both labor and non-labor costs.

Note: This report also appears in the Financial Management category.

To run the Project Cost Breakdown report, users must have a Project Management license.

Table 6-2. Project Cost Breakdown report field descriptions

Field Name (*Required)



Select one or more projects from the projects available on your PPM instance.

*Breakdown Period

Select a breakdown period. Choices include:

  • Project to Date. Costs are displayed for the entire project(s).

  • Month. Costs are displayed for month and year specified in Period.


If reporting on costs for a specific month, select the month and year from those periods available on your PPM instance.

Local Currency

Option to select if the costs should be displayed in local currency or in the PPM system base currency.