Viewing a Package

You can control which users can view a package. To enable a user to view packages, modify the settings listed in Table 5-1. Settings to view packages.

Table 5-1. Settings to view packages





(only one is required)

Deployment Management or Configuration

The Deployment Management license provides a user with access to the PPM Workbench or standard interface where they can view the package approval page.

Access Grants linked to the Security Group

Deployment Management: View Packages

This access grant allows the user to view packages.

Note: The Deployment Management: Edit Packages and Deployment Management: Edit All Packages access grants also provide viewing privileges, but enable more advanced editing and processing functions.

You configure access grants in the Security Group window.

Restricting Package Viewing to Participants

To determine who can have access to packages that use the current workflow, you use the Package Security option on the Deployment Management Settings tab in the Workflow window. Restricting access to participants means that a nonparticipant user who searches for packages cannot see packages that use the current workflow. In this instance, participants are defined as one of the following:

  • Assigned user

  • Package creator

  • Members of the assigned security group

  • Any user who has access to the workflow steps

To give all Deployment Management users access to packages that use the applied workflow, select All Users.

To restrict the users who can access packages associated with this workflow to participants, select Participants Only.