Approving Package Lines

All users who process package lines must meet the following conditions.

Table 5-5. Settings to enable package processing





Deployment Management or Configuration

This license gives a user access to the PPM Workbench and standard interface. Users can act on all workflow steps (decisions and executions) in the PPM Workbench.

Access Grants linked to the Security Group

Deployment Mgmt: Edit Packages

This access grant lets the user generate, edit, and delete packages.

To edit the package, user must be its creator, an assigned user, a member of the assigned security group, or a member of the security group for the workflow step.

Deployment Mgmt: Edit All Packages

This access grant lets the user edit or delete packages at any time.

Enabling Users to Act on a Specific Workflow Step

You must specify who can act on each step in a deployment workflow. Only users listed on the Security tab in the Workflow Step window can process that step.