Editing Project Information

To edit project information, a user must have one of the following licenses:

  • Project Management

  • Demand Management

  • Portfolio Management

  • Program Management

  • Configuration

And a user must have one of the following access grants to edit project information:

  • Edit Projects. Gives edit access to project-level fields and process, subject to any restrictions defined through the request type or workflow.

  • Edit All Projects. Gives edit access to any project, including those for which the user would not otherwise meet participant requirements. This includes the ability to perform edits reserved for the project manager.

Some editing functions are limited to the project managers assigned to the project. These are:

  • Modify settings

  • Modify participant groups

  • Override the overall project health

  • Create, edit, schedule, or delete the project work plan

  • Create the project staffing profile from the project overview page (also requires access grants for this entity)

  • Create, delete, and set the active work plan baselines (requires additional grants)

  • Delete projects (requires additional grants)