Getting Started with the PPM Security Model

Businesses must often control access to information and business processes. This is done to protect sensitive data, such as employee salaries, or to simplify business processes by hiding data that is irrelevant to the user. Project and Portfolio Management Center (PPM) includes a set of features to help control data and limit the following:

  • Who can access specific windows and pages.

  • Who can view or edit specific data.

  • Data displayed in restricted fields and on pages.

  • Who can view, create, edit, or process PPM entities, such as requests, projects and portfolios.

  • Who can view, create, or edit configuration entities, such as workflow, request types, and security groups.

  • Who can change security settings.

This document presents an overview of the PPM data security model and provides instructions on how you can control access to PPM entities using a combination of licenses, access grants, and other security-related features.