This operation adds tasks to the work plan of the project.


The position is defined by a top anchor and a bottom anchor. The top anchor is always required, but the bottom anchor can be null if you want to add tasks after the last existing task in the work plan.

This operation requires that the project have an existing work plan. In this operation, you do not need to specify actual values in TaskActualType. Instead, actual values should be specified in the assignment for each resource. The assignment actual values are then finally rolled up to the task.

Related Information

Operation: importWorkPlanTasks


The following inputs are required:

  • Project name or project ID

  • TaskType details with the following required information:

    • Task name

    • Task sequence number

    • Task outline level

    • Task schedule information

  • Position (topAnchor and bottomAnchor)



If the operation is successful, a list of task sequence and task IDs corresponding to the tasks newly added to the work plan is returned.

Java Examples

See webservice_toolkit:


addTaskToExistingWorkPlanWithTopAnchor ()