Getting Requests of a Certain Type

Note: This RESTful web service returns at most 10,000 requests of a certain type.

Request: http://<PPM_Server_IP>:<port>/itg/rest/dm/requestTypes/{id}/requests

HTTP Method: GET

Description: Get requests of a certain request type specified by the request type ID

Request path variables:

Attribute Description Required
id The ID of the request type Yes

Response entity body:

  • on success: Returns an XML object of the requests of a certain type with the following format:

    <ns2:requests xmlns:ns2="">
         <description>WebService Test</description>
         <description>Test SOAP web service</description>
  • on failure: The following message codes are returned if the operation fails:

    Message Code



    Possible Corrective Action


    Internal Error

    There was an internal error when you executed the operation.



    Cannot Get Internal Server Connection

    There was an error when you tried to connect to the PPM server.



    The Request Type {0} doesn't exist

    The request type that the user tried to access does not exist.

    Correct the Request Type ID in the URL.


    You do not have access to view Request Types

    The user executing this operation does not have the required access grants.

    Verify that the user has the required access grants. For more information, see Function.


    The request type with Id {0} is not enabled

    The request type that the user tried to access is not enabled.

    Enable the request type.