System Configurations

The three-tier architecture of PPM supports a variety of system configurations. You can deploy PPM Servers in a single-server, stand-alone configuration or a server cluster configuration.

In a production environment, you must deploy a server cluster. A stand-alone configuration is adequate only in a development or testing environment. The following sections provide information about the possible ways you can configure your PPM instance.

Server cluster/external Web server configuration

The Web server (internal or external) listens for HTTP or HTTPS requests from standard Web clients and PPM Workbench. Nodes run in the background and are transparent to users. Users access only the URL to the Web server.

The Web server forwards HTTP or HTTPS requests to one of the nodes. The PPM Web server and the nodes communicate using Apache JServ Protocol version 1.3 (AJP13).

The PPM Server uses JDBC to communicate with the Oracle database.