Define custom and special parameters

In addition to the standard parameters that PPM supplies, PPM supports the following additional kinds of server parameters:

  • Custom parameters

    You can define your own custom parameters. Custom parameter names must have the prefix com.kintana.core.server.


    To add a custom parameter named NEW_PARAMETER, in the Key field, enter the following:


    Parameters that you add to the custom parameters list are accessible as tokens from within the application. These tokens are in the format [AS.parameter_name].

  • Special Parameters

    PPM creates configuration parameters that you can use in special situations after you add them to the custom parameters folder. The following table lists these special parameters.

If you edit the server.conf file directly, you must then run the script (located in the <PPM_Home>/bin directory) to rebuild the startup files. For details, see

To implement your changes, you must stop, and then restart, the PPM Server. After you restart the server, you can run the Server Configuration Report to view the new or modified parameter values in the server.conf file.

Table 4-1. Special configuration parameters

Parameter Namea


Sample Value


If the JDBC_URL parameter is specified, then the security identifier (SID) of the database on which the PPM schema resides is requested. It is assumed that the connect string for this database is the same as the SID. However, this is not always the case.

If the connect string (for connecting to the database using SQL*Plus from the server machine) is different than the database SID, add this parameter and supply the correct connect string.



Windows environment only: To open an FTP session, FTP servers on Windows typically require the Windows domain name and user name (in the form Domain\User name). By default, PPM includes the domain name and user name in an FTP session to a Windows computer.

If you use an FTP server that does not require the domain name, you can use this parameter to override the default functionality.



This parameter defines a PPM temporary directory. This defaults to a temp subdirectory of the logs directory.

If you use this parameter, make sure that you provide the full directory path.


    a.    The parameter names listed in the table are shortened versions of the actual names, all of which start with the string com.kintana.core.server. For example, the full name of the TEMP_DIR parameter is com.kintana.core.server.TEMP_DIR.