Verifying Client Access to the PPM Server

To verify client access to the PPM Server after installation, log on to a client machine as administrator.

To log on to PPM as administrator:

  1. On a client machine, start a supported browser, and then specify the URL for your PPM site.

    Note: All PPM clients use the same base URL, which is the Web location (top directory name) of the PPM Server. To obtain the URL, open the server.conf file, which is located in the <PPM_Home> directory. The URL is the value specified for the BASE_URL parameter.

    The PPM logon screen opens.

  2. In the Username field, type the user name. (Unless you have changed the default username, as recommended, type admin.)

  3. In the Password field, type the password. (Unless you have changed the default password, as recommended, type admin.)

    PPM provides this default account for logging on the first time. We recommend that you disable the admin account or change the password after you generate accounts for all of your users.

  4. Click Sign-In. The PPM standard interface opens.

For more information about how to configure licenses and user access, see the Security Model Guide and Reference.