Generating Database Links (Oracle Object Migration)

PPM can use database links to communicate with other databases. Usually a database link created and associated with a particular environment in PPM can be used in situations such as AutoCompleteSQL.

The following are examples of situations in which database links are used:

  • Custom object types designed to provide parameter value lists directly from a source or destination database during Deployment Management activities

  • Some Deployment Management Extensions, such as the Extension for Oracle E-Business Suite, to facilitate Deployment Management activities

You can define database links on an as-needed basis. For each database link you require (this probably includes a link to the PPM database), issue an SQL statement similar to the following in the PPM database schema.

create database link DEV_LINK
connect to APPS identified by APPS
using 'DEV'

For more information about database links, see:

  • Deployment Management Extension for Oracle E-Business Suite Guide

  • Object Migrator Guide

  • Oracle's reference document on the SQL language