Overview of external web server configuration

PPM Server can run with any of several external Web servers, including Sun Java System Web Server, Microsoft IIS, Apache HTTP Server, HP-UX Apache-based Web Server, and IBM HTTP Server (IHS).

Note: For detailed information about which Web server PPMversions supports, and on which platforms, see the System Requirements and Compatibility Matrix.

To configure an external Web server, perform the following tasks:

  1. Choose an external Web server.

  2. Choose an external Web port.

  3. Configure a workers.properties file.

  4. (Microsoft IIS and Apache-based servers only) Configure a uriworkermap.properties file.

  5. Configure the external Web server.

  6. Integrate the external Web server with the PPM Server.

  7. (Optional) Enable cookie logging on the external Web server.

The following sections provide details about these tasks.