Configuring the Sun Java System Web Server

To configure the Sun Java System Web Server to run as the external Web server for the PPM Server:

  1. Connect to the Sun Java System administration server and create a new server named "PPM".

    This creates the https-PPM directory. The https-PPM directory contains two files: magnus.conf and obj.conf.

  2. Stop the PPM Server. (For instructions, see Start and stop the PPM Server on a single-server system.)

  3. Place the configured file (see Configure the Workers Properties file) in the <Sun_Home>/https-<Web_Server_Name>/config directory.

  4. Copy the plug-in to any directory on the machine that runs the Sun Java System Web Server.

    The Web server must have permissions to read and execute this file.

  5. Add the following two lines to the magnus.conf file (the text can wrap, but each "init fn=" must be a continuous line with no spaces):

    Init fn="load-modules" shlib="<Path_To_NSAPI_Redirector>/" funcs="jk_init,jk_service"
    Init fn="jk_init" worker_file="<Sun_Home>/https-<Web_Server_Name>/config/" log_level="error" log_file=<Path_To_Log_Files>/ppm_server.log
  6. Enable content compression.

    For information on how to enable dynamic content compression, see Enabling Dynamic Compression On an External Web Server.