Configuring the Microsoft Internet Information Services 7.5 Web Server on a Windows Server 2008 System

Note: To enable Microsoft Internet Information Services with PPM version 9.50, make sure to select Allowing double escaping as described in step 8 of the configuration process.

To configure the IIS 7.5 Web server on a Windows Server 2008 system:

  1. Open Server Manager on the Microsoft IIS Web server host and make sure that the ISAPI Filters and ISAPI Extensions role services are installed.

    Note: If you must install the ISAPI Filters and ISAPI Extensions, make sure that you restart after you install these services.

  2. Configure both a file and a file.

  3. To make sure the IIS does not remove the JSON response content when the PPM server returns a 400 error, edit the web.config file, system.web Server section to set httpErrors existingResponse attribute to "PassThrough".

    <httpErrors existingResponse="PassThrough"></httpErrors>

  4. Restart the IIS service. (Restarting the Web site is not enough. You must restart World Wide Web Publishing Service from the Services management console.)

    Note: After you restart the IIS service, the ISAPI filter does not load immediately. The IIS service may require a few minutes to establish a connection with PPM. Before the connection is established, your browser may display the error message "HTTP Error 404 - File or directory not found. Internet Information Services (IIS)".

  5. Start the PPM Server(s).

    Caution: If your PPM instance includes multiple nodes in a cluster configuration, you must start these nodes one at a time. Make sure that you wait until each node is fully started before you start the next node.