Configure Apache HTTP Server Version 2.2 Using mod_jk (IPv4 Only)

Note: This section applies to IPv4 only.

Note: We recommend that you use mod_proxy, which is bundled with Apache and uses HTTP protocol for communication between PPM and Apache. For details, see Configure Apache HTTP Server version 2.2 or 2.4 using mod_proxy.

This section provides the procedure for configuring Apache HTTP Server Version 2.2 using mod_jk to work with PPM.

To configure Apache 2.2 using mod_jk for PPM:

  1. Navigate to <PPM_Home>/integration/webserverplugins/apache-2.2/Windows/x86-32, and then copy the file to the Apache module directory (usually <Apache_Home>/modules).

    Note: The Jakarta Tomcat Connector (mod_jk) is used to connect Apache Web Server and PPM. The Ajp13 protocol keeps an open socket and controls the communications between PPM (its built-in Tomcat component) and Apache.

  2. Instruct Apache to load the Jakarta Tomcat Connector (mod_jk). You can use the Apache LoadModule configuration directives in the httpd.conf file, which is located in <Apache_Home>/conf (where <Apache_Home> is the Apache installation directory).

  3. Check to make sure that include conf/extra/httpd-ssl.conf is not commented out in the httpd.conf file.

  4. Navigate to the <PPM_Home>/integration/webserverplugins/configuration directory, and then copy the and to the Apache configuration directory (usually <Apache_Home>/conf).

  5. Configure the file. (For detailed information and instructions, see Configure the Workers Properties file.)

  6. Configure the file to specify mappings between a given URL (or URL pattern) and worker name. (For detailed information and instructions, see Configure the File on Microsoft IIS and Apache-Based Servers.

    Note: Make sure that the name of the worker mapped to /itg/* pattern in the file matches the name of the worker defined in the file. This worker must also be listed in the worker.list directive of the file.

  7. Restart your Apache HTTP Server 2.2 and check to see whether your configuration works.