Portlet monitor

The PPM portlet monitor tracks the load time of portlets. You can use the information it generates to determine the impact of portlet activity on system performance.

To enable portlet monitor in Administration Console:

  1. Log on to PPM. From the menu bar, select Open > Administration > Open Administration Console.

  2. Navigate to the Application Configuration page, select the desired PPM Server node from the Scope drop-down list.

  3. Search for parameter ENABLE_PORTLET_MONITOR, and set its value to true.

  4. (Optional) Search for parameter PORTLET_MONITOR_THRESHOLD, and specify a value for it. The default value is 10,000 milliseconds.

    This parameter determines the portlet load time threshold. If the amount of time required to load portlets exceeds the threshold value, portlet monitor logs portlet load information in the thresholdLog.txt file, which resides in the <PPM_Home>/server/<PPM Server>/logs directory.

    Note: If the parameter PORTLET_MONITOR_PERSIST_STATE is set to true, portlet monitor logs portlet load information in the table PPM_PERFORMANCE_LOG.

To disable portlet monitor, set both the parameter ENABLE_ALL_PERFORMANCE_MONITOR and the parameter ENABLE_PORTLET_MONITOR to false.