Background services monitor

This topic introduces the PPM Background Service monitor.

Overview of Background Service Monitor

The PPM Background Service monitor is controlled by the following server configuration parameters:

  • ENABLE_BACKGROUND_SERVICE_MONITOR. Turns the monitor on (the default).
  • BACKGROUND_SERVICE_MONITOR_THRESHOLD. Controls the threshold value (in milliseconds) for the monitor. If the runtime of a background service exceeds the threshold value, this is recorded in the thresholdLog.txt file.

Note: For information about all the background services in PPM, see PPM background services.

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Change background services parameters using the JMX Console

You can change the values of the ENABLE_BACKGROUND_SERVICE_MONITOR and BACKGROUND_SERVICE_MONITOR_THRESHOLD parameters through the JMX console without having to stop and start the PPM Server. However, keep in mind that if you change them through the JMX console, your changes do not persist. The next time you start the PPM Server, the values for these parameters revert to the values specified for them in the server.conf file.

To enable or disable the Background Services Monitor through the JMX console:

  1. Go to the JMX MBean agent view in the JMX console.

  2. In the ppm.monitor section, access the BackgroundServiceMonitorAspect MBean.

  3. Use the EnableMonitor parameter to enable or disable the UI monitor.

To change the UI_MONITOR_THRESHOLD value:

  1. Go to the JMX MBean view in the JMX console.

  2. In the ppm.monitor section, access the Action Monitor Trigger MBean.

  3. Change the value of the Threshold parameter.

    Note: You can also use the PersistState parameter in the JMX console to enable or disable persisting the captured information to the log file.

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View background services monitor information in real time

Administrators can view the Background Services Monitors in real time through the JMX console, and use the information to isolate performance issues in the field.

To see the information captured by the Background Services Monitor in real time:

  1. Go to the JMX console.
  2. Access the BackgroundServiceMonitor MBean in the ppm.monitor section.

    All the background services that have been executed on the system are listed. Information about the background service runs that most affect performance are listed, as are the minimum, maximum, and average execution times for these services.

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Background Services Monitor information log

If background services activity exceeds the configured threshold value, the captured information is saved to the thresholdLog.txt file located in the <PPM_Home>/server/<PPM Server>/logs directory.

The format of the logged information is as follows:

Format is ["BackgroundService",<Background_Service_Name>,"Execution Time - <Execution_Time>(ms)","Execution End Time - <Time_Service_Run_Finished>","Entity Type - <Entity_Type>","Entity Id - <Entity_ID>"]

The information resembles the following:

BackgroundServiceMonitorLogger:2009/01/11-23:26:07.992 PST: "BackgroundService",Workflow Timeout Reaper,"Execution Time- 31(ms)","Execution End Time - Sun Jan 11 23:26:07 PST 2009","Entity Type - 0","Entity Id - 0";

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SQLs in PPM_PERFORMANCE_LOG for Background Services Monitor

When the parameter ENABLE_ALL_PERFORMANCE_MONITOR is set to true, and if a background services activity exceeds the threshold value specified in the BACKGROUND_SERVICE_MONITOR_THRESHOLD parameter, the SQLs that have been executed when running the activity are recorded in the PPM_PERFORMANCE_LOG table.

Note: Only the top five SQLs that take the longest time when running an activity are recorded.

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