Overview of instance migration

Each PPM instance consists of a file system and an Oracle database, which can exist on Windows or UNIX machines. You can migrate PPM using one of the following methods:

  • Copy an entire PPM instance (server file system and database schemas) and move it to another location. If you are moving the copied instance to a different machine, you must have a new license key for it.

  • Migrate the PPM Server to a different machine, but maintain the existing database schemas. Migrating the server requires a new license key.

  • Migrate the database schemas, but maintain the existing PPM Server. Migrating only the database schema does not require a new license key.

Enterprise environments typically have multiple PPM instances (for example, development, test, and production). The following sections address the simplest multiple-instance configuration, which consists of a development instance (DEV) and a production instance (PROD). Each is set up on a different machine. You can extend the migration steps to support all of the instances used at your site.