Preparing to Migrate

Before you can begin to migrate an entire instance to a different machine, you must obtain a new license key and stop the PPM Server, as described in the following sections.

Obtaining a New License Key

PPM is licensed based on the computer that hosts the PPM Server. If you plan to migrate the PPM Server to a different machine, you must obtain a new Autopass license key for the target machine. If you plan to migrate only the database schema, you do not need a new license key.

To obtain a new license key:

  1. Gather the following information.

    • PPM version number

    • Machine IP address

    • Operating system (Windows or UNIX)

    • Server purpose (development, test, or production)

  2. Activate and generate an Autopass license. See Generate Autopass license.

Stopping the PPM Server

To make sure that you do not lose transactions, reports, or logs, stop the PPM Server before you migrate any part of a PPM instance. For information about how to stop the server, see Start and stop the PPM Server on a single-server system.