View PPM Server status from the Administration Console

You can use the Administration Console in PPM to quickly assess the status of the nodes in your instance.

Note: For information about how to run the Server Status Report from the Admin Tools window in the PPM Workbench, see Run server reports from the Admin Tools window.

  1. Open the Administration Console. (See Open Administration Console.)

    In the System Health section in the left panel, Nodes is selected.

    The Nodes table in the right panel lists all nodes in the cluster. Icons in the Node Status column indicate whether a node is up () or down ().

  2. To view detailed information about a specific node in a cluster, in the Nodes table, click the node name.

    The following table shows the information that the Node Details table displays for the selected node:



    Node Status

    Node status (either Up or Down).

    Node Name

    Node name.

    Start Time

    Day of the week, calendar date, and time the node was last started.

    End Time

    If the node is down, this field shows when this node was stopped (weekday, calendar date, and time).


    URL for Java RMI.

    Format: rmi://<IP_address>:<Port>/<Object>

    Available Light Queue Listeners

    Number of listeners available on the node to run light background services.

    Available Heavy Queue Listeners

    Number of listeners available on the node to execute heavy background services.

    Opened Web Sessions Number of opened Web sessions on the node.
    Opened Workbench Sessions Number of opened Workbench sessions on the node.

    The Start Time and End Time columns in the Node Details table display the complete history of start and stop times (calendar date and times) for the selected node.