Use Administration Console to shift existing fiscal periods

So that all fiscal periods match the fiscal year, you can use the Administration Console to do one or more of the following:

  • Change the starting day of the week (START_DAY_OF_WEEK) of your organization's fiscal year

  • Change the starting month (START_MONTH and START_MONTH_FOR_NEXT_FISCAL_YEAR) of your organization's fiscal year.

The changes you make apply to existing fiscal periods as well as to fiscal periods to be generated later, so that all fiscal periods match the fiscal year.

Note: Shifting fiscal periods changes period data in the database. It is recommended that you back up the configuration file before you perform this procedure. For information about how shifting fiscal periods affect functionality in PPM Center, see the Generating Fiscal Periods guide.

To shift existing fiscal periods from the Administration Console:

  1. Open the periods.conf file in a text editor. The periods.conf file is located in the <PPM_Home>/conf/fiscal directory.

  2. To change the starting month, change the START_MONTH parameter value to the number that represents the month the fiscal year starts. For example, you would use 11 to represent November.

    Note: For detailed information about how to set values for the parameters in the periods.conf file, see the Generating Fiscal Periods guide.

  3. To change the starting month of your organization's fiscal year, set the IS_START_MONTH_FOR_NEXT_FISCAL_YEAR parameter value to true or false, depending on the relationship between fiscal years and calendar years.

    Note: The default value of false indicates that the start month does not belong to the next fiscal year.

  4. To change the starting day of the week, set the START_DAY_OF_WEEK parameter to a number between 1 and 7, with 1 representing Sunday, and 7 representing Saturday.

  5. Save and close the periods.conf configuration file.

  6. Open the Administration Console. (See Open Administration Console.)

  7. In the left panel of the Administration Console, expand the Administration Task section, and then select Generate fiscal periods.

  8. In the right panel, select the Shift option.

  9. Click Submit.

    The Administration Console shifts the existing fiscal periods, and then lists all fiscal periods (for all period types) in the Administration Console.

  10. To persist the shifted fiscal periods, click Commit.

  11. To implement your changes, restart the nodes. For instructions, see Start and stop the PPM Server on a single-server system.

    Note: The adjusted fiscal periods apply to the display of financial data in all languages.