Using the Administration Console to Generate Translations for Fiscal Periods

You can use the Administration Console to generate translations for fiscal periods in any of the languages installed on PPM Center. Month names and period formats are as specified in the language configuration files. After you generate the translations, a user can view the fiscal periods in the session language he selected at logon. The translated periods cover the same time span as the periods covered for existing languages.

To generate translations of fiscal periods in any languages installed on PPM:

  1. Open the Administration Console. (See Open Administration Console.)

  2. In the left panel, under the Administration Task section, select Generate fiscal periods.

  3. In the right panel, select the Generate translations option.

  4. In the Languages list, select one or more of the languages. (Use the Ctrl key or the Shift key to select multiple languages.)

  5. Click Submit.

    In the right panel, a tab that lists the translated periods is displayed for each of the added languages.

  6. To persist the added translations, click Commit.

  7. To implement your changes, stop, and then restart, the PPM Servers.

    Note: For information about how to stop and start PPM Servers, see Start and stop the PPM Server on a single-server system.

Note: For information about how to use the script to create periods for languages installed on a PPM instance, see the Generating Fiscal Periods guide. For information about using multiple languages on a single instance of PPM, see the Multilingual User Interface Guide.