Run SQL queries from the Administration Console

You can run database queries directly against the PPM database schema from the Administration Console.

Run SQL statements from Administration Console

Running SQL statements from the Administration Console is essentially the same as running them from the PPM Workbench. However, from the Administration Console you can run a statement that ends with a semicolon (;).

To run a SQL statement (select statement only) from the Administration Console:

  1. In the Administration Console Actions panel, select Administration Task > SQL Runner.

  2. In the SQL Statement box, type the select statement to run against the PPM database.

    To resize the edit window, drag the border of the SQL statement box. To enter the full screen edit mode, press F11.

  3. Click Run SQL to run the SQL statement.

    You can also press CTRL+ENTER to run the statement, or press CTRL+DOWN or CTRL+UP to cycle through previously run SQL statements. Click below the SQL statement box to learn about the details.

    The results grid lists the query results in numbered rows.

  4. You can create a dashboard data source and list portlet from the SQL statement. For details, see Create dashboard data source and list portlet from SQL Runner page.

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Export SQL run results

You can export the SQL run results to a .csv file, a text file, or an Excel file. If you export the results, any sorting and grouping you perform in the Administration Console is discarded. Only the raw results are exported.

To export the results:

  1. Right-click on the results grid.
  2. Click Export from the dropdown menu, and select the file format to which you want to export the data.

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SQL statement execution details

To view the performance details, click to display the Execution Details section.

The Execution Details section provides the following information:

Value Description

Database Roundtrip

The time spent (in milliseconds) between the PPM Server and the PPM database.

Note: In the PPM Workbench, the Server Roundtrip value represents the time spent between the PPM Workbench client and the PPM Server). In either context, the measure is a good indication of measure network latency.

ResultSet Extraction

The amount of time (in milliseconds) required to extract results from the results set.

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