Class Filters Logging Parameter

You can use the class.filters parameter (com.kintana.core.logging. class.filters) to specify the class names to include in the stack trace (substring of stack trace classname, including packages). To reduce the log file size, PPM uses this parameter value to filter out the classes that are of no interest in stack traces.

If you specify multiple classes or packages, use commas to separate them. If the full class name in a stack trace contains one of the specified classes or package names, then that line is preserved. For example, if the value is set to com.kintana,com.mercury, then any class names that contain the com.kintana or com.mercury strings are kept.

The number of traces filtered out is added to server logs after the stack trace. The com.kintana.core.logging.class.filters parameter has no default value. If you do not set a value, no classes are filtered out of the stack trace.

Note: For descriptions of the parameters in the logging.conf file (located in the <PPM_Home>/conf directory), see Logging parameters.