Server log files

Server log files are stored in the <PPM_Home>/server/<PPM Server>/logs directory. Server log files are named serverLog.txt and serverLog_timestamp.txt. The log timestamp setting (see ) uses the format YYYYMMDD_HHMMSS for the date and time the log was rotated.

Active PPM Servers log their output to the serverLog.txt file. The serverLog_timestamp files are archived versions of the serverLog.txt file. The size of these old log files are determined by the ROTATE_LOG_SIZE server parameter in the logging.conf file. This parameter may be set to any value (in kilobytes) to control the rotation. A high value results in fewer but larger log files.

Generally, server log files are required only when contacting Software Support to resolve server issues. In most cases, it is safe to delete these log files on a regular basis.

The following parameters determine the data volume to be written to the logs by the server:




Set the following parameters to their default values.

How to set the parameters

Where to set the parameters

  • com.kintana.core.logging.DEFAULT_SERVER_LOGGING_LEVEL = ERROR
  • com.kintana.core.logging.DEFAULT_USER_LOGGING_LEVEL = ERROR
  • com.kintana.core.logging.SYSTEM_THRESHOLD = DEBUG

logging.conf file

  • com.kintana.core.server.RMI_DEBUGGING=false

sever.conf file

By setting these parameters to their default settings, only critical error events are written to the server logs. This decreases the number of server logs generated in the file system, thereby improving system performance.

If the server experiences technical difficulties or server logs are required by Software Support, increase the debug level.

Unless instructed otherwise by Software Support, always set the RMI_DEBUGGING parameter to false.

To change the USER_DEBUG_LEVEL parameter dynamically at runtime, change the DEFAULT_USER_DEBUG_LEVEL parameter in the Edit > Debug Settings screen group in the PPM Workbench interface. You can also retrieve current server settings by accessing the Server Tools window and running the Server Configuration report.

Note: Unless instructed by Software Support, do not run a production server with the debug levels set to Maximum. This can generate very large log files in the file system that could degrade system performance.