Basic Parameters

Whether the basic parameters are required or simply available depends on the migrator action you select. In the following figure, the parameters are the entity name (in this case, the request type), content bundle directory, and content bundle filename.

Figure 10-3. Basic parameters

Content Bundle Controls

The behavior of controls related to the content bundle depends on the migrator action you select, as follows:

  • If you select Migrate (extract and import), the migrator maintains its own internal scheme for naming and locating the temporary bundled XML data. This content bundle is extracted from the source, migrated to the destination, imported, and then cleaned up, all as part of the same execution step. The user cannot edit the content bundle information.

  • If you select Extract only, you can specify the content bundle location and filename, or accept the default values. This lets you specify a location and naming convention that is easier to remember so that you can locate the extracted content bundle and use it as necessary (for example, check it into your version control system). By default, the migrator creates the bundle in the file system of the source PPM Server under the <PPM_Home>/transfers directory. The filename is based on the type of entity migrated, its package number, and its package line number.

  • If you select Import only, you must specify the name and location of an existing content bundle file to import. You can select the file by browsing the file system of the destination PPM Server.