The kChangeNameDisplay.sh script is used to change the display format of PPM users' names.

Run the script as follows:

sh ./kChangeNameDisplay.sh [-full_name_format] <Full_Name_Format>

where <Full_Name_Format> is 0, 1, or 2.

During the script run, specify the format to use to display a user's full name, as follows:

  • To use the format First Last (for example, John Smith), type 0.

  • To use the format Last, First (for example, Smith, John), type 1.

  • To use the format LastFirst (for example, SmithJohn), type 2.

    The LastFirst format (option 2) is specifically for Korean language users.

  • To cancel the operation, type a.

Note: Running kChangeNameDisplay.sh with no arguments defaults the full name format to 0, where first name and last name are separated by one space.