You can use the script to:

  • Generate sets of periods to be used by Portfolio Management, Financial Management, and Resource Management, for a range of years you specify

  • Customize the formats of periods (years, quarters, and months) as they appear in financial summaries and elsewhere

  • Customize the format of weeks as they appear in the project cumulative cost page in Financial Management

  • Customize the names of months as they appear in financial summaries and elsewhere

  • Change the month in which fiscal years start, to match your fiscal calendar

  • Support fiscal years with more than twelve periods (not twelve months) to represent standard and non-standard retail calendars in financial summaries, scenario comparisons, some portlets, and some reports (but not in time sheets)

  • Change the start day of the week, used in Financial Management

For more detailed information and instructions on how to set up these functions, see the Generating Fiscal Periods document.