Use the kLicenseReader.sh to run the license reader tool. The license reader reads the encrypted license file and provides the following information:

  • Detailed information for each license installed on your machine, such as

    • PPM module that is licensed for use, including the ID, version, and description
    • IP address of the license Start date and expiration of the license
    • Availability capacity of the license
  • A summary of all the licenses installed on your machine

    • Capacity for different PPM modules
    • Expiration dates of licenses for different PPM modules
    • Licensed IP for different PPM modules

To use the license reader, run the following command:

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kLicenseReader.sh [-filename <Autopass_License_File_Name>] [-filepath <Autopass_License_File_Path>] [-help]

If you do not specify the file name, the license reader provides information of all the licenses installed on your instance. If you do not specify the file patch, the license reader uses the default file path <PPM_Home>/conf.

Note: You can only use the script to read the license information. You cannot use it to modify the license information.