Use the script to migrate PPM entities. Type only Y or N for the 23 flags listed.

Note: You can also migrate PPM entities form one instance to another from the web UI. For details, see Migrate entities from web UI.


To import a file, run the command:

sh ./ -username <Username> -password <Password> -action import -filename <'Full_File_Path'> -i18n none -refdata nochange -flags NNNNNNNNNNYYNNNNNNNNNNN

Caution: Make sure that the full file path is enclosed in single quotes.

The following parameters are required for this script:

-username <username>

-action <import, trial>

-filename <filename>

-i18n <none, charset, locale>

  none: Require same language and character set
  charset: Ignore language and character set warnings
  locale: Ignore all warnings
-refdata <nochange, install>
  nochange: Do not change reference data
  install: Install reference data
-flags <flags>
  Flag 1: Replace existing Object Type
  Flag 2: Replace existing Request Type
  Flag 3: Replace existing Request Header Type
  Flag 4: Replace existing Special Command
  Flag 5: Replace existing Validation
  Flag 6: Replace existing Workflow
  Flag 7: Replace existing Report Type
  Flag 8: Replace existing Workplan Template
  Flag 9: Replace existing Workflow Step Sources
  Flag 10: Add missing Environment
  Flag 11: Add missing Security Group
  Flag 12: Add missing Request Status
  Flag 13: Replace existing Overview Page Section
  Flag 14: Replace existing User Data Context
  Flag 15: Replace existing Portlet Definition
  Flag 16: Replace existing Module
  Flag 17: Replace existing Data Source
  Flag 18: Replace existing Project Type
  Flag 19: Replace existing Sub workflow
  Flag 20: Replace existing Program Type
  Flag 21: Replace existing OData Data Source
  Flag 22:

Replace existing Portfolio Type

Note: If you want to replace the existing portfolio type, you should also replace the existing module (set the Flag 16 to Y).

  Flag 23:

Replace existing PPM Integration SDK

The following parameters are optional:

  • -url <URL>

  • -password <Password>

  • -report <Report>

  • - ignorePpmVersionDifference

    If you add this parameter in the command line, when a difference of PPM version is detected, PPM continues to import the entity and records the version difference in the execution log. Use with caution as this parameter can be used only when the entity to be imported has no significant data model changes between versions.