The kStart.sh script is used to start the PPM Server as a background process. For more details about starting the server, see Start and stop the PPM Server on a single-server system.

Note: For PPM Servers participating in the same cluster, we recommend the following:

  • Start the servers one at a time.

  • Start each server with an explicit partition name to avoid inadvertent cluster participation.

For server clustering, the kStart.sh script accepts partition as a parameter, as follows:

sh ./kStart.sh [-name <PPM Server>][-partition <Partition_Name>]

If no value is specified, the default partition name ppm_p is used.

For the non-English operating systems, in the kStart.sh script, after SYSTEM_PROPS="-DNAME=${SERVER_ID}", add the following command line:

SYSTEM_PROPS="$SYSTEM_PROPS -Duser.language=en"