The server directory structure has two log directories. The <PPM_Home>/logs directory contains the reports subdirectory, which contains a log file for each PPM Server report that is run, and directories named PKG_number and REQ_number. These subdirectories contain execution logs for Deployment Management packages and Demand Management requests. The <Number> placeholder in the directory name corresponds to the ID of the package or request being run.

The other log directory, <PPM_Home>/server/<PPM Server>/log contains all PPM Server-generated logs. As the server runs, it generates logging messages and writes them to the serverLog.txt file. When this file reaches the size indicated by the ROTATE_LOG_SIZE server parameter, it is renamed to serverLog_timestamp.txt, and a new serverLog.txt is started.

The Java servlets used to serve the Web pages generate their own log files, named servletLog.txt. The amount of information in the server log files depends on the debugging level set in the server configuration. The server parameters SERVER_DEBUG_LEVEL and DEFAULT_USER_DEBUG_LEVEL control the debugging level. If a problem arises and you require more information in the logs, log on to the PPM Workbench as Administrator and reset the server debug level to Maximum debugging information (select Edit > Debug Settings).